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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Advice on switching mouthpieces in the General forums; Originally Posted by gbdeamer If you're looking for life advice on the internet then you're in trouble. YOU need to ...
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    Re: Advice on switching mouthpieces

    Quote Originally Posted by gbdeamer View Post
    If you're looking for life advice on the internet then you're in trouble. YOU need to decide what you want to do/play in college and in life. Most of the people giving you advice on this thread are the same age as you!

    Regarding the mouthpiece selection I'll recommend that you stick with the 3C for everything. You have no clear reason for making any change at this point, so save yourself the time, money, and aggrivation that you'll run into when you switch...
    I decided I'm not doing Jazz band in college. I guess it's not my thing, as much as I enjoy doing other genre's. But I read about this trumpet player who said a trumpeter should play Classical AND Jazz.

    But I dont wanna, so ill stick with classical.

    So I guess ill look more into this mouthpiece thing. If I do switch, it'll be summer.

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    Re: Advice on switching mouthpieces

    Some players use more than one piece, sometimes many. Some will tell you never to switch. I can't switch around. And I don't want to. You really should consult a teacher.

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    Re: Advice on switching mouthpieces

    Quote Originally Posted by Passion View Post
    Ok, I will switch in summer.

    Now tell me please, should I have to do jazz band in college? I really don't wanna, but if you think it's a necesity that I should, I will. I like classical genre better, and better at it too. I wanna focus on that.

    Also, if not get a 1 1/2 mouthpiece now, should I get a mouthpiece more suited for jazz. Since I have a 3c, what can I get that wont be difficult to switch over too that will make lead playing alot easier?

    Cause I was thinkin of doing this. Using the jazz mouthpiece for jazz music only. Using my 3c for classical only? Good idea, or terrible?

    Please, anyone advice.
    Passion,it makes no sense to do something if your heart isn't in to it. If jazz isn't your thing, then that is just the way it is. Keep in mind though that the more rounded your playing is, the more opportunities you will have to play later.
    I don 't think that there is anything that we could call a "jazz" mouthpiece. Mouthpieces do influence the sound though and we have to fit in whatever ensemble that we are playing with.

    You had mentioned 1st trumpet in the jazz band, and for that a bright tone is often VERY useful. Playing in a wind band or orchestra requires a different approach.

    I will disagree with the idea of trying as many mouthpieces as you can. I consider this to be a waste of time. Why? Buying a mouthpiece is not like buying shoes. It takes MONTHS to really judge a mouthpiece and the intelligent way to pick your next mouthpiece is to determine what needs to be different, then figure out what could get you there. When you try out a lot of mouthpieces, you learn NOTHING. What perhaps appears easier is a disaster a few weeks later.

    I am not sure that a switch from a 3c to a 1 1/2c makes much difference or sense. The sound will not change much and the rim shape is similar, so it won't even feel much different. If your mouthpiece is already on the way, no worries. The chance of you having grief with that switch is very small. It is a minor evolutionary change.
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