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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Advice when attending conferences in the General forums; Don't base your current opinion on outdated information Nothing to Do With the Edsel So, you are planning to attend ...
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    Lightbulb Advice when attending conferences

    Don't base your current opinion on outdated information
    Nothing to Do With the Edsel

    So, you are planning to attend a trumpet convention.


    I am sure there will be many great players featured.

    Fantastic concerts.

    And many great teachers.

    There may also be the opportunity to sit in on Masterclasses.

    You will be rubbing shoulders with other trumpet enthusiasts.

    All of these will make your attendance worth while. But there is more to be gained…..

    There are other enthusiasts who also take the time and make the effort to attend. These are the vendors. They are there to keep you up to date on their latest products which may be greatly different from previous offerings you have seen.

    The people at Ford would be horrified if you were giving an opinion of their current vehicles having only ever driven the Edsel!

    If you are a teacher, or are ever likely to have your opinion sought on any piece of equipment, you owe it to your students to familiarize yourself with what is available.

    You may be pleasantly surprised by new offerings from companies whose products you thought you knew.
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    Re: Advice when attending conferences

    But...even if you drive a Mustang around the block, that's not enough of a test drive to know if you'll like it on the highway...
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    Re: Advice when attending conferences

    I always love playing the various trumpets. Now buying one, that's a different story..
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    Re: Advice when attending conferences

    I don't understand the need for that original post. Is there a problem that's gone unresolved or that is so big it needs special attention?
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    Re: Advice when attending conferences

    Yes, at fairs there are all sorts of people that you can talk to. That can be good if you have stable playing and a good physical concept. Then it is possible to sort out what you are being told.

    There is a lot of "bad" information however freely available. I always recommend that teachers and students go together.
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