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Trumpet Discussion Discuss alcohol in the General forums; No hangover either!!!...
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    Re: alcohol

    No hangover either!!!

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    Re: alcohol

    Quote Originally Posted by mlrenick View Post
    Wow, would have never guessed the brushing your teeth thing. It makes sense though.
    Oh yeah... Sugar molecules will dissolve into your saliva and the condensation is water, yes. But it's water made from heating up your saliva and it's got the sugar in it.

    I once saw a flute player who never cleaned out her flute and constantly played while chewing hard candy and I cleaned it for her. Out came the Hard Candy... lol
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    Re: alcohol

    I've posted this before - but I can't find it quickly -

    I once sat beside a young lady who was struggling with her tone, the solution was to take a knitting needle, in the middle of the set, and ream out the backbore of her mouthpiece. Her intention was to clean out all the accumulated food from the mouthpiece - it worked - but I was so nearly physically sick.

    She was a talented player too, but ALWAYS eating.

    Poor old trumpet.

    Keep your horn as clean as you can - that's the message here.

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