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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Alexander Technique in the General forums; I just attended a Master Class given by Proffessor John Henes at Northwestern University on the Alexander Technique. He spoke ...
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    Alexander Technique

    I just attended a Master Class given by Proffessor John Henes at Northwestern University on the Alexander Technique. He spoke about releasing tension and achieving "weightlessness," but in a very general sense. I was wondering if anyone has taken any other more specified sessions and has any experiences/methods/thoughts they would like to share. Thanks!!
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    Re: Alexander Technique

    The Alexander Technique is real and it works, and appears to be a closely guarded secret. Much of it is taught by touch (kinesthetic), which is why there isn’t a bunch of free stuff on the internet about it. If you have the time and the money to spend for 20-40 classes it may be a good investment for you (and future students). I've been at a couple workshops, thought "wow!," and never followed up.
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    Re: Alexander Technique

    VB is right on the money!
    It is worth it. The basic pretense is that we have a choice in everything that we do. The Alexander Technique helps us to make the right choices! It is NOT a self help technique - if we knew better, we would not have made mistakes in the first place.
    There is not much to share except that you learn how many bad choices you have made in your life - not only while playing!
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    Re: Alexander Technique

    I just spent a week working one-on-one with John Henes and finally feel like I have some insight into how to deal address some things I've been frustrated with in my playing for years. The differences in how you use your body are too sublte to discover on your own, you have to work with a teacher, but it is certainly worth the time and money.

    Go for it!


    P.S. For an introduction, check out "Body Learning" by Michael Gelb.
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    Re: Alexander Technique

    What's this technique all about? :) Sounds interesting-

    Short of NU, there's good workshops that are qualified to teach it right; that ya'll are aware?


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    Re: Alexander Technique

    pretty much any major city has certified Alexander teachers.

    I have a great book called "Body Learning" that opened my eyes to the benefits of the Alexander Technique.

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