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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Alignment of #1 valve. in the General forums; Glad to hear you got it sorted out! Thanks for the props, too, but it was good perception on your ...
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    Re: Alignment of #1 valve.

    Glad to hear you got it sorted out! Thanks for the props, too, but it was good perception on your part to discover the problem in the first place. Improper valve alignment will do bad things even to a very expensive horn. I have a Bach cornet that shut down in the upper register and it turned out that the valve alignment was way off in the open position. Now, that's harder to tell, because you can't look down the valve tubes and see it. Anyway, the local shop had a tool for measuring the "up" alignment and some thicker valve felts made the horn play like it should.
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    Re: Alignment of #1 valve.

    Earlier this year I bought a 58 Old's Recording for $300. It sounded great when I played it alone, but was very out of tune when played with a group. Valves wer ver corroded so I ended up doing a complete valve make over and now, this baby plays fantastic. A horn that has been played and put through some miles will have wear and tear, but should last a lifetime. If neglected, that can cause horrible damage and might end up a used parts horn. Glad to hear you got your horn up to par.
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    Re: Alignment of #1 valve.


    After reading Dale Proctor's post about "Up" alignment of valves.., I checked mine, and sure 'nuff that alignment was off too.

    I hammered the felts thinner, and it sounds amazing once again!!

    Valve alignment is critical, and is probably something that is overlooked by those who are unaware of the importance of a clear pathway for air to travel through.

    Now I know!!

    Hope this Thread helps others, too!!

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    Re: Alignment of #1 valve.

    ApplianceGuy, I missed this post the first time around. You play what you can rationally afford. I have nothing but respect for someone who returns after an absence to an instrument that they enjoy. Keep playing and ignore the naysayers. I am in the process of investigating some valve alignment issues on a couple of my horns and I saw this thread. Very informative.
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    Re: Alignment of #1 valve.


    Valve alignment in my mind one of the most overlooked and easiest remedies for a horn that does not play well, I have several cases where correct alignment has turned a dog into a fine instrument. Having a horn professionally serviced is no guarentee that it will be correct, I have had horns come back worse than when they went in, new felts fitted with no regard to alignment.

    The first thing I now do is check alignment, in most s/h horns I have purchased it is out.

    Dr Richard Smith of Smith Watkins has a short paper "Its all in the bore" shows reflections from miss alignment of 0.01", I think it was published in the ITG journal.

    Regards, Stuart.

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    Re: Alignment of #1 valve.

    Interesting paper. Thanks for the reference Stuart.

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