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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Alison Balsom in the General forums; Originally Posted by Rapier No, but a combination of the two definitely are. How can that be, in a country ...
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    Re: Alison Balsom

    Quote Originally Posted by Rapier View Post
    No, but a combination of the two definitely are.
    How can that be, in a country so densely populated with brass bands? (assuming a cornet/trumpet equivalency)


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    Re: Alison Balsom

    Oh no. I know a lot of very tasty female cornet players, but only the lovely Alison on trumpet.
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    Re: Alison Balsom

    She's the best-looking trumpet player I've seen in a while--and oh yeah, she can play.
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    Re: Alison Balsom

    There used to be a video on Youtube of her playing the Gigue in a church. I fell in love with music that very moment. In all seriousness. Yes, to be fair, she is pretty. But, if you look at how the music industry packages muscians, they play that up at every opportunity, both male and female. Sex sells. As a matter of fact, my friends wife is a major executive of a beer company. Her first meeting the CEO said, "make no mistake about it, what we are selling sex and the possibility of sex, not beer."

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    Re: Alison Balsom

    There are plenty of fine trumpetresses in the UK here are a couple more:

    Fine Arts Brass: Angela Whelan
    Joan Hinde
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