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Trumpet Discussion Discuss All modes in all keys in the General forums; Try putting the books away once you know the formula for each scale and work them around the circle by ...
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    Re: All modes in all keys

    Try putting the books away once you know the formula for each scale and work them around the circle by ear. Internalize and develop your ear to finger speed ratio and try to get away from academics and thinking too much. Next work patterns based off the memorized scales around the circle by ear.
    This is excellent advice! It will drastically reduce the time it takes to internalize the scale, and it works for about EVERYTHING... When your EAR and your fingers teaches the scale rather than your eyes and a book it is easier to translate that skill into improvising too.

    the Haerle book "Scales for Jazz Improvisation" presents several mental ways to figure out the scale formula.. by steps, and also by what major or minor scale it is built from/ So it is easy to learn the "formula", then put the book away and play the scale with your ear.
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    Re: All modes in all keys

    I leafed through and bought the Haerle book yesterday as it appeared to be what we need. I like the descriptions on how to visualize the scales as well as the scales that are included.

    Totally agree on the point of using the book to get the formula down and then do it from feeling. We have two students learning this in very different ways. One is a visual learner who must see the notes and the other is an ear player that feel the notes and hardly looks at the music. The visual presentation will help student number 1 greatly- student number two will simply need to hear it to play it.

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    Re: All modes in all keys

    Quote Originally Posted by jiarby View Post
    I use a book called "Scales for Jazz Improvisation" by Dan Haerle

    It has all the scales for each mode presented on one page, and the opposing page has the scale explained (what's flat or sharp, what modifications it has compared to a major scale, what kinds of chords you would use this scale for, etc.. You you get a page for each mode, major, minor, diminished, pentatonic, blues.

    It's what I used. Nice book.

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    Re: All modes in all keys

    Why not try to figure out the modes for yourself. Modes are just displaced scales, so if you know your 12 key signatures, you should be able to do it. Playing a C major scale from D to D gives you dorian, E to E phyrgian and so on.
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