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Trumpet Discussion Discuss All the Styles/genres! in the General forums; Hi guys, i want to try and play all different styles of music and am puzzled at where to start! ...
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    All the Styles/genres!

    Hi guys, i want to try and play all different styles of music and am puzzled at where to start! are there any book that describes the key features for particular styles and how one's playing can be altered to suit? (ie a book for jazz?)

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    Re: All the Styles/genres!

    The best way to learn about the styles is to listen. Your eyes can't hear the stylistic changes in genre.
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    Re: All the Styles/genres!

    The different styles have common sequences and patterns. Brek gave some really good advice in that listening is very important. To learn the notes, I'd suggest getting a SPIT book. To learn the "feel" of the different styles, listen to a lot of different trumpet players.

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    Re: All the Styles/genres!

    You don't give us your background. I learned by on the job training. Of course I had a solid foundation in trumpets skills plus a performance degree.
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