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Trumpet Discussion Discuss alternating flugel and trumpet in the General forums; Originally Posted by fels not that dont want to share the issues - just difficult to explain - tone falls ...
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    Re: alternating flugel and trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by fels View Post
    not that dont want to share the issues - just difficult to explain -

    tone falls out -- start as a nice full tone in all registers - suddenly feel more resistance and tone falls out - becomes thin and difficult.

    Was travelling the past few days and lips could be a bit chapped.

    Just cleaned trumpet to rule that out,

    I tried several different mouthpieces this morning and was having the problem with all.
    Switched to a back up trumpet and had similar issues.

    Went back to my usual trumpet (Strad 37) and played basics - long tones - Irons - scales - softly - that seemed to help set the embouchure a little.

    Will play more soft basic stuff this evening.

    Tough rehearsal scheduled for tomorrow evening - playing lead.
    It sounds like you have some breathing issues. Could also be some other things. Have you a teacher?
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    Re: alternating flugel and trumpet

    Thankyou to everyone -
    Klaus O is closest in his description of what i was experiencing.

    I also think energy level is a factor. As noted, i had just returned from a two day 10 hour per day field trip in the car.

    The subsequent rehearsal went fine , but i had time to refocus my energy.
    I find that i sometimes am quick to look to the equipment or other excuse when playing below par - when the real issue is the state of mind.

    The mouthpiece discussion was intersesting, even if covered by other threads.

    Thanks again.

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