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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Am I normal in the General forums; Nope you are not normal but it's okay, neither am I...
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    Re: Am I normal

    Nope you are not normal but it's okay, neither am I
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    Re: Am I normal

    Please diffine normal.
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    Re: Am I normal

    Quote Originally Posted by Culbe View Post
    Please diffine normal.
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    Re: Am I normal

    With everything we do in life we experience good days and bad days.
    I always find on bad days with my playing inconsistencies there is a large psychological factor which shows up in my ability to play well during practice.
    Sometimes a couple of hous break cures things.

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    Re: Am I normal

    Often things may start out that way, but as Rowuk said, long tones will help. Patience, don't put it down, do some lighter stuff just to keep the embouchure building in progress.
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    Re: Am I normal

    If you're normal, you don't play trumpet...
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    Re: Am I normal

    Quote Originally Posted by Culbe View Post
    Please define normal.
    Well, as I learned it in engineering school, that would be perpendicular to the ground plane.

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    Re: Am I normal

    Normal comes in all sorts of flavours. Among medical practioners in rural eastern England, the abbreviation 'NFN' on a patient's medical record is rumoured to mean 'Normal for Norfolk'.
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    Re: Am I normal

    let me interject some Physical Anatomy into trumpet practice -- as well as running marathons ----- the muscles of the embouchure are small, and they get fatigued easier than bigger muscles like leg muscles. You have fine control of embouchure muscles which have very small amounts of movement to make different movements of those muscles ------- sometimes, I believe, when people have an "OFF" day ---- it might actually require resting those muscles ------- perhaps the embouchure muscles were OVERWORKED by you the previous few days -

    when everything is going well with the trumpet --- I (we) tend to do a lot longer practice than normal, which often results in "muscle fatigue" ---- take some rest like many suggest, it just might help ----
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    Re: Am I normal

    Quote Originally Posted by Culbe View Post
    Please diffine normal.
    define - it's normal practice.

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