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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The Amateur/Professional Divide in the General forums; I'm a amateur professional trumpet player, which is one step up from someone whom plays trumpet and one step lower ...
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    Re: The Amateur/Professional Divide

    I'm a amateur professional trumpet player, which is one step up from someone whom plays trumpet and one step lower than a amateur trumpet player in a non-professional situation in direct relation to whether they come back or not, pay not withstanding.
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    Re: The Amateur/Professional Divide

    It's an irrelevant label. I know "pros" who don't get the horn out from gig to gig but make two or three times as much as a qualified, dilligent, dedicated teacher and "amateurs" who have an amazing passion and commitment to their craft. There will always be people in the music business with a need to label and pigeonhole but it's a waste of energy. Focus more on your passion and leave box ticking to those who consider it important.
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    Re: The Amateur/Professional Divide

    Hi, all!

    I'd agree with the dude from New Zealand: Making a living from music is Pro, making money but doing something else from which to live is semi-pro (I fall into that category as I am a "professional" engineer/scientist, but make enough money playing to have to include that in my taxes, my wife does as well, as a professional librarian). An amateur is one who does it purely for the joy (literally "Love") of playing.

    Of course there's a grey area in between those levels as well, but I think that's enough. Being a "professional" certainly doesn't guarantee quality of playing, nor does being an amateur preclude displaying an amazing talent.

    To the Tax Man, if you make money, any money, you're a pro and should cough up your share.

    To the Union man (I'm a member!) if you make any money playing, you should be a member of the Union and become a "pro".

    That's my take on the matter!

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