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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Amy Winehouse on Trumpet in the General forums; She would have sounded good on a Bach strad...
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    She would have sounded good on a Bach strad
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    I have heard her sing, consequently my comment. Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin hurt my ears, too.

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    I think that the OP (BJL) was posting to show that Amy dabbled with trumpet as well as singing, something perhaps of interest to folks on a trumpet forum.

    I remember hearing my S/O play some of her stuff and I asked "Wow, who is this?" (not knowing at the time). I think she was a very soulful, talented singer.......

    Having seen pictures of her just starting out, (before the demons really took hold), she was also, a very pretty young lady.

    It breaks my heart when someone, particularly someone with immense talent (Bix, Bunny, Bird, Jimi) cannot overcome substance abuse and dies too young, leaving so much unsaid.

    R.I.P. Amy

    (my 2 cents)

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    Amy was an incredible artist. RIP!

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    Funny thing is, I read it as a positive thing originally, like never washing or cleaning something your hero had touched. Oh well...

    I never heard her music until she had passed on actually. I just thought she was another pop singer. But listening to her stuff now, she doesn't seem to have the usual contemporary pop style. She's got a great voice for a soul/blues mix though! It's an intense voice and style that suit one genre, but maybe not another, like Edith Piaf.

    Pity about the drugs though. How many were there/are there?

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    As a physician that sees the result of the tragedy that substance abuse brings, this is the hardest illness I have ever had to treat. Substance abuse robs the talent from all that succumb to its final torment. My heart goes out to each and every one of them.
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