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    Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    I can't believe anyone would put that horn to their lips after she had!
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    She obviously played the trumpet much better than she sang.
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    Winehouse was a brilliant singer. Get over your opinion of her lifestyle and actually listen to her music.
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    Particularly effective on those high notes.

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    Quote Originally Posted by mgcoleman View Post
    I can't believe anyone would put that horn to their lips after she had!
    I would. And I'd bypass the horn.
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    Amazing how easy it is to denigrate someone who died so young and tragically. What does one gain by so doing? I mean, she is dead and we are what, alive? How about some compassion?

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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    I thought she was a pretty good singer. The "trumpet playing" isn't much to write home about, though. When the guy in the video plays it, it sounds like a clarinet...
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    What the hell is going on here?
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    Re: Amy Winehouse on Trumpet

    What's the point of the post? Amy blows on a trumpet. So what? She was a troubled person who was a decent singer. That's all.
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