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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Anchor Tonguing? in the General forums; I have alright tonguing, and I have been pretty lackadaisical in trying to find something to clean it up. My ...
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    Anchor Tonguing?

    I have alright tonguing, and I have been pretty lackadaisical in trying to find something to clean it up. My teacher, the great Jens Lindemann uses anchor tonguing, and has recommended that I try it as well. I'd like any comments on anchor tonguing, if you could help. I've started trying it, and it's a work in progress.


    FYI, if you don't know what Anchor tonguing is, it's when instead of using the tip of your tongue to articulate, you have that part resting against your bottom teeth, anchored if you will. Then you tongue with the front middle of your tongue.

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    Re: Anchor Tonguing?

    I am actually working with a direct student of Claude Gordon. Claude calls it K-Tongue Modified (KTM) but I can tell you that it has really helped all aspects of my playing. I also believe that it really helped me to learn to double and triple tongue as well. I just had to learn to move the K part of multi tonguing back from the KTM.

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    Re: Anchor Tonguing?

    I forced myself to switch to anchor-tonguing almost a year ago. I have been a better player since then.
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    Re: Anchor Tonguing?

    I've done it and it helped dbl and trpl tonguing. Still do single tonguing the old fashioned way.
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    Re: Anchor Tonguing?

    I started the Claude Gordon method about a year ago, using his books: "Brass Playing is As Easy As Deep Breathing" and the "Systematic Approach to Practicing". Since then, my range has increased up to double high C and above, tone has improved dramatically with the breathing, and articulation is much improved. I only wish I had started that 52 years ago.

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    Re: Anchor Tonguing?

    I have a varied pallate of tongueing so although I hit yes it is a qualified yes. I do use it but not exclusively.
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