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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Andante and Allegro (Ropartz) in the General forums; I am learning this wonderful piece for state convention and I was wondering if anybody had a nice recording of ...
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    Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    I am learning this wonderful piece for state convention and I was wondering if anybody had a nice recording of this piece (besides the amateurs on youtube). I have most of the rhythm down, now I need to start inserting some style. Thank You!
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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    Try the CD

    "Contest Solos for Young Trumpeters" - by Phil Smith which you can get thru ITG.

    You can also get a nice MMO (Music Minus One recording with the accompaniment.)

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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    I couldn't find one without going well out of my way.
    My teacher said he thought there was one on a large collection of contest piece recordings but i didn't find it
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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    The Phil Smith recording is an excellent one and is also available through his own web site ( Also, after a quick search on Amazon I found the following: recordings by Tom Stevens, Joshua Whitehouse, Thomas Duis and John Hagstrom. I have the Smith, Whitehouse and Stevens CD's all are well worth having.
    Good luck with this piece. It is a fun time and well worth learning. I teach this one to most of my high school students and they all love it.


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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    that's a fun solo. good luck with it!!

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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    John Hagstrom has a really good recording of it. It is available on iTunes. If you search music for trumpet and winds you will find his CD with the DePaul Wind Ensemble. It's an amazing CD and i would recommend picking one up.

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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    I'm not sure if this is the right piece... but here is a floutest playing it.

    Doesn't seem like an ameture dont worry haha

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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    Are there any differences between the different published versions of this sheet music (Ropartz, Andante et Allegro)? I've seen three publishers listed (Southern Music, Carl Fischer, and Hickman). Which one would be best for the National Trumpet Competition (Junior Division)?

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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    i'm working on this solo as well but I cn't find a good recording either. :((

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    Re: Andante and Allegro (Ropartz)

    trumpet dad, ask the band director if they require a certain addition. If not all three will work.
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