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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Anderson Plating in the General forums; Hey all, just wanted to get the scoop from some of you that have experience with Anderson Plating. I've heard ...
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    Anderson Plating

    Hey all, just wanted to get the scoop from some of you that have experience with Anderson Plating. I've heard that they're great with what they do, but how about pricing on... say gold-plating a mouthpiece?

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    Re: Anderson Plating

    I walk my mouthpieces down to Charlie Melk for replating and the plater he uses, which is not Anderson, does a much better job. The gold plate I've gotten from Charlie's plater is very nice.

    I can't tell you which plater he uses, though, as he won't share.


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    Re: Anderson Plating

    I had my horn refurbished and plated by Anderson with a complete valve overhaul and they did a fine job. The final price came in below estimate and it was ready earlier than the date they initially gave me. I had no experience with MPs though.

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    Re: Anderson Plating

    They plate my mouthpieces and they are the best!

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    Re: Anderson Plating

    I have never heard anything bad said about Anderson. Which is rare, considering how quick people are to complain, nowadays.
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    Re: Anderson Plating

    Anderson has done wonderful work on a few of my horns (silver plating) as well as a few of my friend's horns as well. I had a Cuesnon Flugel (bad lacquer) redone in saxophone lacquer by them and it is wonderful! Had them re-build a vintage cornet valve set and they did miraculous work.

    Timing is important with Anderson. During "busy" season work may take longer. In the less busy season they usually come in on time or earlier.
    I have no experience with gold plating with Anderson.

    Prices are what they are. Paying for good craftsmanship and expertise is always worth the cost. IMO.

    Would recommend John Hammond for replating mouthpieces. All of his work is impeccable.

    Bill Dishman
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