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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Another Positive I have observed with the 3in1/Blue Juice Combo On Slides! in the General forums; Ok I am really picky about slide grease. By picky I mean I am not a huge fan because if ...
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    Another Positive I have observed with the 3in1/Blue Juice Combo On Slides!

    Ok I am really picky about slide grease. By picky I mean I am not a huge fan because if any of it leach's it's way to your voalves it will gum them up and slow them down like no tomorrow. So even when I was in band I used to mix my valve oil and tunning grease in the palm of my hand and then apply it to my slides. I always felt most grease was too thick since a good trumpet should not need much to seal. So when I mixed up a batch of 50/50 3in1 for my son's current dream ax his 1946 Holton Colligate I decided I would try some on the slides as well. It has worked wounderfully since none of the slides have rings or saddles they do not have to feel silky smooth. Well needless to say the copper had a lot of oxidation onthe those part'snot silver plated. I scrubed everything with cleaner when I got it so it was not left over grease. I generaly hate to use a scrotch brite on a tube to clean it becasue you cannot put that metal back and once you go down to a certain point your trumpet will leak. Sure you can easily sweat some new inner tubes on but why?

    So what I have noticed is that this combo is cleaning all that oxidation off. Each week I pul the slide's out put one drop of oil on each tube and I push it in and out two times. The amount of blackish junk that this has been getting out of the brass is amazeing. I have never seen any other product produce this effect. It does the same thing on the valve area the first 3-4 times you clean your valve's and valve engine you will just keep getting black gritty junk on your cleaning cloth and brush's but after about the third cleaning it has removed all the junk that get's embeded into the part's. Obviously it is not going to clean it as good as sanding the metal down with an abrasive like a scotch brite pad but this chemical cleaning does not remove any metal just grim trappedinthe pores. It has removed grim that pure 100% Purple Engine Degreaser did not remove! In fact my son's third valve on his trumpet after about a month of use has completly stoped sticking! All I did was once a week I droped the valves out and used a valve brush that is rather plush like carpet and 90% Isoprpyl rubbing alchol to clean the valves and valve engine out due tothe black junk that kept showing up inspite of a two hour scrubing when I first got the trumpet. After doing this tree times it stoped produceing that black gritty grime and the inside of the valve engine now looks like virgin brass or copper.

    So it would seem that this combo has a powerful but slow deep cleaning effect. I figured I would write about what it has done for the slides in terms of slow cleaning them since it did the same witht he valves.

    i would also mention that while I oil his valves twice a week because he only has band twice a week they have yet to feel like they actualy need the oiling! By that I mean this combo seems to last well beyound a week given his light use. I do make him practice though every night. If I was playing this trumpet I would actualy go as long as possable with out oiling just to see how long I could go. Since I take care of it for him I have been oiling inspite of how good they feel just to be onthe safe side. I suspect though that after about a month of useing this combo and a few good cleaning's that one could go well over a week with out the need to reoil even when playing daily.

    If one was worried about a 50/50 mix being too thick for a horn with tight valves one could always start with 30% 3in1 and 70% your favorite valve oil. I am sure the effects would just be slightly less due to reduced petrolem oil content and higher distilates and solvent content from the conventional valve oil but you should still see some gains!
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    Re: Another Positive I have observed with the 3in1/Blue Juice Combo On Slides!

    Cool. I'll have to try it out.

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    Re: Another Positive I have observed with the 3in1/Blue Juice Combo On Slides!

    Today I made my son was his trumpet int he tub. Almost all of the nasty discoloration is gone from his slides they are almost as goldena nd bright as if I took arasive liek scotch bright to them!!! By the time this thing has a year of playing on it those slides will be nice and golden again. I think this horn is made from gold brass entirely even the inner tubes.

    Also remember how that third valve kept sticking when we first got the trumpet. Even with massive amounts of cleaning with strong chemicals!! The slow cleaning process from this mix has completly cured the problem after a month of use. It still is pulling gray nasty stuff out of the metal but it has droped to a level where you can not see it ont he surface only when you wipe them off. Other then the area's that have excessive wear from 63 year's of use the valves are starting to look just like brand new in terms of their color. No amount of soap, degreaser or alcahol seemed to get them clean. So it has completly stoped sticking andnow the third valve works as good as the other ones!!! This stuff has litteraly penatrated intot he metal to lift out the 63+ year's of ground in grime!!!

    Today when he was cleaning it with his snake all kinds of old slide grease that engine degreaser did not cut previously. Because this trumpet is silver I used the hotest water I could get out of my pipes when I scrubed it for two hours a month ago! You would ahve thought I had packed crisco in those tubes by the amount of junk comeing out. All I have been useing is the 50/50 blend of 3in1 and Blue Juice on all the slides and valves.

    In fact I am slowly going through all my trumpets and removeing the slide grease and ueing this combo. My goal being to gently clean all the old oxidation and slide grease from all my slides with out haveing to use harsh chemical's or abrasive things like scotch brite pads. So far this Holton is the first trumpet Ihave done this with. I am hopeing that this is not just a fluke. So by testing it on my other trumpet's I will be able to see if it is a reproduceable cleaning effect and not just a one time occurance.

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