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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Any body else.... in the General forums; Got tired chops Just finished practicing...
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    Any body else....

    Got tired chops

    Just finished practicing

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    Re: Any body else....

    Me too, but it sure feels good if you know what I mean.
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    Knowledge is freedom, and ignorance is slavery - Miles Davis

    The difference between a beginner and pro mouthpiece is practice - tobylou8

    Nobody has learned how to play the trumpet. It's endless. - Maynard Ferguson

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    By the inch it's a cinch, by the yard, it's hard!

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    Re: Any body else....

    In the last 10 days I've had 3 performances and 10 rehearsals, and I have one more rehearsal tonight. My chops are tired...
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    Re: Any body else....

    When I'm through playing my favorite thing that makes my lips feel refreshed is a nice mushy kiss from my wife. Her kisses are fantastic to begin with, but after I've played, they are Ohhh soooo soothing to my lips.
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