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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Any ideas for a really cool/unique present for a trumpet player in the General forums; How about a subscription to "All About Beer" magazine?...
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    Re: Any ideas for a really cool/unique present for a trumpet player

    How about a subscription to "All About Beer" magazine?
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    Re: Any ideas for a really cool/unique present for a trumpet player

    Microfiber cloth for wipe-down
    Brass/Silver polish - Flitz
    Slide grease
    Valve Guard
    Pretty finger buttons
    Trumpet stand
    Brass Tactics and Jazz Tactics - DVDs by Chase Sanborn
    A large plastic tub big enough to bathe a horn in w/o filling the whole bathtub.
    Really nice for those with collections: A ultrasonic cleaning machine.
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    Re: Any ideas for a really cool/unique present for a trumpet player

    hey thanks for the ideas guys, i really like the pretty finger buttons idea, any idea where i can get some for a B&S Challenger 2

    Some like the chem clean and value alinment are really good but.... but im in england and have never heard of where to get that sort of stuff done. Otherwise i would have some of my trumpets sprused up.

    Plus im not allowed to trouch her ever.....aparently i cant be trusted
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    Re: Any ideas for a really cool/unique present for a trumpet player

    Seriously, If I was the trumpet player that you were buying for.... I would love to just receive a gift membership to ITG and a gift certificate for an online music store... no one knows what I want or need more than I do!!! ;)

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