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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Any ideas why I get ambushed? in the General forums; BachStrad1, I notice that you have had a variety of valuable responses to your problem of getting ambushed. I think ...
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    Re: Any ideas why I get ambushed?


    I notice that you have had a variety of valuable responses to your problem of getting ambushed. I think this happens to a lot of players. As they gain more and more experience they find ways of dealing with it.

    Can I suggest that you concentrate more on what happens when you play well and focus what that set of conditions were rather than focussing on when things go wrong.

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    Re: Any ideas why I get ambushed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    Ahh, but here's the rub. We are taught to muscle through these phobias because, let's face it, with any sort of mental illness the victim needs to be their own advocate. If we admit our weaknesses we also somehow violate the "everything's fine" rule. Who wants to admit to themselves, let alone others that they are wacko? When I actively sought counseling in my 20's I got a bunch of "you're normal, everybody goes through this kind of thing" responses. I let it be, learned relaxation techniques, exercised and all that, but garbage piles up and eventually spills over.

    Could aggressive therapy have changed all that back then? I dunno, because I have neither a time-machine or a way of looking at alternate universes, but I think maybe it could have. As it is, I have a failed marriage and a stalled career to look back on. I've gotten some unique insights over the years and my wackiness serves me in good stead here at TM. After my visit to the funny farm I felt the best I had in decades, but the prescriptions ran out, and it is darned hard these days to get the low dose benzo's I was on for a month re-prescribed. A trip back to the funny farm is precluded by the fact that I am not suicidal.

    I use the terms "wacko" and "funny farm" because "mentally ill" and "respite" are terms nobody wants to hear.

    Sure, attitude, nutrition, exercise and such are important, but those are maintenance tools, not (in my non-medically trained opinion) the cure.
    Excellent post.

    100% agreed - why suffer a long, painful road to recovery when medicine can help?

    People who advocate the "hard way" have never apparently suffered with a mental illness.

    Would it be smart to recommend changing diet, exercise and sleeping more as a plan to recover
    from cancer? How did that work out for Steve Jobs? Then why do people (mostly ignorant) assume
    that "self-help" is all that is needed to recover from a mental illness?

    We're not talking about being overweight, or insomnia or whatever, we are talking about mental
    conditions that can potentially ruin your life if ignored or "self-treated".

    Thank God I haven't been through what VB has. When my issues, after several years of self-help
    and denial, finally worsened to the point of disrupting my work, I got proper help and medicine.
    At no point did I wish I had waited; but at many times I wish I had done it sooner.

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    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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