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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Any interest in this idea? in the General forums; Originally Posted by Dale Proctor Dang new-fangled computers - what a waste of time! I'm gonna go practice on my ...
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    Re: Any interest in this idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dale Proctor View Post
    Dang new-fangled computers - what a waste of time! I'm gonna go practice on my 1929 Conn 22B...they don't make 'em like that any more...
    Got that right Dale. Yes some of us geezers don't like trying anything new....that said if there was a TM app available I'd think about maybe installing it on this IPad mini instead of having to go through Safari or Adblocker plus to post here

    Hmm...maybe I ought to google it and see if there is an app....

    Just checked and there was talk about it in 2012 but nothing likely came of it with only 5 posts. Google is so old school for geezers...
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    Re: Any interest in this idea?

    For a cell, all I have is a dumb phone and no apps. I still have a rotary dial wall phone in the kitchen. New technology usually brings new headaches and I have enough of those already. Anyway, enough codger comedy... Back to the original topic, maybe along with info for older comebackers and beginners, some info on what to expect when playing later in life might be helpful.
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