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    Anyone heard of Malcom McDuffie?

    Has anyone heard of him?
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    Re: Anyone heard of Malcom McDuffie?

    Are you sure you don't mean Malcom McNab?

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    Re: Anyone heard of Malcom McDuffie?

    Yes, I knew of him many years ago, but lost track.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Malcom McDuffie?

    I believe he's in the St. Louis area. I heard a lot about him when I lived in MO ('97-'99), but I never had the opportunity to meet him. From what I recall, he was either a player in the symphony, or was a first call sub. I heard nothing but great things about him, but my understanding was that he retired from active playing a while ago.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Malcom McDuffie?

    I know Malcom McDuffey. I see him every once in awhile at band concerts, trumpet guild conferences and Webster University gigs.

    Malcom officially is on staff at Webster University in St. Louis.

    He is a member of a brass group, I think quartet. I do not know the name of the group.

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