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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Anyone Know anyone that can add Garland to a bell? in the General forums; "I think it is silly and vain to get a gold plated anything if it does not serve a purpose." ...
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    Re: Anyone Know anyone that can add Garland to a bell?

    "I think it is silly and vain to get a gold plated anything if it does not serve a purpose."

    I missed the part where you said that was just for kids or young men. So I guess it's not silly or vain if an adult wants gold plating?

    It seems like your current rant is about the "value" of today's student horns compared to those from many years ago. Without getting into an economics discussion I'll ask you to compare automobile prices from the 50's and 60's to today. You'll see inflation there as well.

    But if we go back to some of your other threads/rants, haven't you established that there's essentially no difference between a student horn and a custom pro horn? Heck, aren't you in the process of creating your own custom horn that will rival that of the current custom horns on the market? I think not, but you never know.

    I think that you're having a problem reconciling theory with reality. In theory you should be able to solder some tubes together and get a lovely trumpet. Reality tells us otherwise. In theory a custom made pro trumpet should be more reasonably priced, but reality tells us different.

    You post with an indignance that assumes everyone here should think exactly the same way that you do, but your opinion is just that...yours.

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    Re: Anyone Know anyone that can add Garland to a bell?

    No if an adult wants a gold plated mouth piece and he is going to pay for it it is his money to spend how he see's fit! I just think that young men should have to work for things that are not needed and only serve to fuel vanity and status. I have no issue at all with a anyone getting one if they pay for it themselfs! I even made sure to clairify that if it was due to allergic reaction then it was fine as well for a parent to get one for their kid. I just think that when we spoil young men and fail to teach them a solid work=reward type ethic that we do not do them any favor's! As big of a double standard as it is it is ok for a woman to be a kept woman but it is heavily frowned upon for a man to be a kept man!! The expectation in our society is that men should work for what they have either with their brawn or their brains and should not expect things to be given to them. Women can go either way really and not be looked down upon depending on what social circle's you travel in. Even if ones wife makes more money then you do it is still considered really bad if the Dad is just a stay at home Dad. I am not makeing this up either. I spent a few year's working from home being Mr. Mom while my wife had a go at really getting deep into her carreer and I had all kinds of social pressure to not do that. I was still working too but at the time I was in sales and had my own company and could afford to set my own schedule.

    In fact even though I believe in realitive gender equality I expect far more from young men in terms of self disipline, work ethic, knoldge of the unwritten rules of our society and makeing logical and moral decisions etc..... I know that it is not exactly fair to do that but I am at the very least honest. I think to do other wise set's up a young man for a rude awkening when they get intot he world on their own for the first time.

    So to re-cap I am not a anti-gold plated mouthpiece nazi!!!!LOL My point was only that if it was for vanity alone the young man should have to earn it in some way instead of it just being given to him! Are you kiddingme I almost bought a gold plated 1920's Vega trumpet. I am considering gold plateing a trumpet for myself when I can afford it! Obviously my obligations to family come first so the gold plated trumpet is preety far down my list of things to get or do!!!LOL

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