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Trumpet Discussion Discuss ARban Study 10 in the General forums; I just posted Arban study 10 at I going to scrap that take on #9. I just couldn't get ...
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    ARban Study 10

    I just posted Arban study 10 at I going to scrap that take on #9. I just couldn't get past the slightly ragged tonguing. I had played a strolling Dixieland gig before I laid this down, and i felt I was muscling the horn. I also hear a slightly different tempo, so I am not going to feel constrainted to the 124 on the music. In the meantime, I hope this take on #10 works better. I think it is a prettier job. I left it "as is" since I liked the way it came out, slight "scratches in the finish" notwithstanding. Enjoy! Heck its free, anyway! I'm still using that 1928 Conn Victor, btw.

    If you don't see it at the bottom of the tune list, check back. Sometimes it takes the profile a little time to catch up.

    I'll re-do #9 later this week.



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    thanks these are great for me. I'm just starting my comeback and at the beginning of the arban book.
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