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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Arbans - Gulp in the General forums; I'm actually 'enjoying' my borrowed copy of Arbans to such a degree that I went and purchased a new one ...
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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    I'm actually 'enjoying' my borrowed copy of Arbans to such a degree that I went and purchased a new one this morning - forked out AUD$48 - is that reasonable do you thnk?

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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    Hi Ted,

    $48 seems quite reasonable, I have seen editions around $80-$100, mine is a B & H reprint of the 1907 Hawkes and son edition, I am ashamed to admit I have not spent enough time with it over the last 25 years, however if I live long enough,

    Regards, Stuart.

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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    Arban's is tough, but not sequential, so we can't work through it like a novel. If you want to really scare yourself with French music, try Marcel Bitsch.
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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    My memory may be failing, but it seems to me to be in February 2006 it was $48.00 U.S. plus sales tax that I paid for a new Arban's Platinum Edition. If it were absolutely necessary to affirm, I could still resurrect the register receipt and my credit card billing as the packing box that our 2006 financial records ( a box within the box) is well marked and accessable and not scheduled to be destroyed until 2016. As prior stated, such replaces my first worn out and discarded tattered copy. Thus, your purchase in the Land of OZ seems reasonable to me. I concur, that the exercises are not sequential.

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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    Quote Originally Posted by tedh1951 View Post
    I'm actually 'enjoying' my borrowed copy of Arbans to such a degree that I went and purchased a new one this morning - forked out AUD$48 - is that reasonable do you thnk?
    I don't know the exchange rate, but I paid @ $30 6 years ago at Sam Ash. Sounds reasonable.
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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    [ame=] Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet (Cornet) or Eb Alto, Bb Tenor, Baritone, Euphonium and Bb Bass in Treble Clef (9790060000218): Jean B. Arban, Edwin F. Goldman, Walter M. Smith: Books[/ame]
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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    Quote Originally Posted by John Dover View Post
    The great thing about the Arban is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it (aside from bad technique and bad playing habits). There is a section and an exercise in there to aid trumpet players in whatever their need is.

    I hope you enjoy your current foray into the depths of the Arban. It is a fascinating study into the modern trumpet method.

    John Dover (The Arban According to John)

    I Like your Rules for your "Arban According to John".

    My struggles are knowing if I am doing it correctly in the areas of your Rule #2.2 and #2.3.

    Since I am self taught and learned by ear, reading music and knowing how it suppose to sound is a challenge.

    Any advise?

    If I can hear it, I can play it, and improvising has never been a challenge.

    I do have a friend that can't play anything if it is not written down. LOL
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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    and hey, it comes on kindle too! sweeet

    Quote Originally Posted by The Kraken View Post
    If I can hear it, I can play it, and improvising has never been a challenge.

    I do have a friend that can't play anything if it is not written down. LOL
    i'm the same, i can't improvise to save my life, even when i try, i find that i'm just playing something else, i.e. a song i heard on the radio, beethoven, whatever. i'm like... incapable of original thought lol

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    Re: Arbans - Gulp

    I'm going through my late '60s edition of Arban for my "comeback" on recommendation of my teacher using Eric Bolvin's The Arban Manual. Since Arban is not sequential, the Manual guides you through the entire book in 69 well laid-out lessons (I'm on #8). I play portions of each lesson during my sessions with my teacher, along with whatever piece of music I'm working on. It seems to be working for me. It will work even better when I can carve out more practice time. At the rate I'm going, I hope I live long enough to get through it!
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