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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Arban's interval exercises in the General forums; Hey I just realised the first line of no.2 is PERFECT for the last variation of CoV!...
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    Hey I just realised the first line of no.2 is PERFECT for the last variation of CoV!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manny Laureano
    Hmmm... sure that was me?

    Well, I have a notoriously bad memory for certain things but other stuff, I never forget.

    At any rate, It sounds like a good idea, anyway. Since folks generally have a habit of weakening their sound as they drop down in to the lower register, it sounds like an exaggeration type exercise to do so. I'm also an advocate of reversing that sort of thing so we have a good balance.

    Not only do folks tend to weaken their sound in the low register they tend to smack the upper register notes mercilessly. Ms. Butler was a big advocate of exactly that, emphasize the lower notes and ease off on the upper ones. A kind of counterintuitive thing.

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    I love that interval exercise!!! i do it everyday towards the middle of my warm-up. It's helped me in so many ways. I don't do every key everyday tho, i do every other key on one day, then do the other keys on the next day, etc. Really great exercise!

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    It is a good one!

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