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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Audition Piece in the General forums; Okay im only a sophomore in high school and i was just wondering what would be a good auditioning piece ...
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    Audition Piece

    Okay im only a sophomore in high school and i was just wondering what would be a good auditioning piece for college any good ideas?

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    Re: Audition Piece

    There are many great audition pieces but it depends on your level of playing. I would say if you do not have a private teacher then you need to find an excellent one explaining to him your goals.

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    Re: Audition Piece

    Concert Etude by Alexander Goedicke.
    [ame=]YouTube - Goedicke Concert Etude for Trumpet and Piano[/ame]

    It is a fast paced piece, with LOTS of double tonging. I have a couple versions of it, my favorite is from IMC edited by Robert Nagel for C trumpet.
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    Re: Audition Piece

    The best pieces are the ones that showcase your talents. The worst ones are those not properly prepared. Really digging in to a new piece should not take more than 6 months. Look and see where your playing is a year from now, then decide!

    Remember that your basic all round talents are what makes you desirable. If you do not have a balanced routine, it would be time to work this out with your teacher!
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    Re: Audition Piece

    Hi trumpetaddict,
    A good audition piece should show that you possess proper technical ability.
    Along with that, you must be able to bring the piece to life. Let's face it. When you open up the sheet music, its just dead notes. Only you can bring it to life.
    What's a good audition piece for you? That's a tough one. It depends on your skills level. Don't go into an audition with a piece that's still a work in progress. You need to have your audition down cold.
    Some of the pieces in the back of Arban's are good. Its what I played at auditions when I was in high school. If you are above that level (which is entirely possible) you might want to check some of these out:
    Gypsy Airs(Zigeriwiesen (sp)) by Sarasate
    Caprice No. 24 in A minor by Paganini (you'll need to tweek it a liitle since its for violin but you can get it for free on free
    Concerto in D minor Cello Suite No. 2 by Bach, the Sarabande and the Gigue are fine pieces which can be found on free
    Also, Hal leonard has a classical play along which has the piece, Queen of the Night by Mozart. Don't let the notes fool you on this piece. While it looks easy, making it sing is another story completely.
    Good Luck
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    Re: Audition Piece

    Ask your band director to get copies of the All-State audition pieces. You'll find things like Goedicke, Hyden Concerto, Carnival of Venice, etc.

    They're all good pieces to play, and the more familiar you become with them, the easier it will be to make a selection when the time comes for an audition.

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    Re: Audition Piece

    A good show piece is one you can play well enough to impress. Even if the piece is relatively easy, it impresses if it's played well. I'd venture to say that if you can find something that the audience has not heard 10000 times, it may give you an edge.

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    Re: Audition Piece

    Many colleges have rep lists that you should be able to take a look at and see if anything looks good to you. It's all about preparation and patience.
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