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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Auditorium Sound in the General forums; I'v been listening to Chris Botti at Boston Symphony Hall. I absolutly love that big hall sound. I was just ...
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    Auditorium Sound

    I'v been listening to Chris Botti at Boston Symphony Hall. I absolutly love that big hall sound. I was just wondering what some of my fellow players favorite "big hall" sound pieces are?

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    Re: Auditorium Sound

    My favorite venue was the Marktplatz in Freiburg Germany, playing Carmina Burana. The acoustics weren't great, but had wonderful feedback from the 30,000 people standing around. Almost a Rock&Roll atmosphere.

    Fun stuff.
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    Re: Auditorium Sound

    I saw Harry Connick, Jr and his big band at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and it was sensational. Very good acoustics for jazz as well as small enough venue the energy was great.
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