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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bach Strad...rebuild or not? in the General forums; I think I've finally decided to throw in the towel on my mid-80s Bach. No matter what I think, practicing ...
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    Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    I think I've finally decided to throw in the towel on my mid-80s Bach. No matter what I think, practicing always ends up taking a backseat to my young children/college coursework/grown-up responsibilities/etc.

    It has some wear on the finish in several places, some very minor dings, etc. If I send it off to get refinished/de-dinged/etc, will I get a return for the money spent ($500 or so locally)? Or would I be better served to sell it as is?


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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    Ready to quit so soon? Sorry to hear that. In my '30's, when I was busy hustling, I had little time for practice. Or so I thought... This made a difference in my playing to the point where I became discouraged. Fortunately I knew a few old timers who didn't let me off the hook that easily.
    In fact it's because of them that I did not stop playing, but managed to play/practice nearly every day, if only for a stolen 15 minutes.
    My playing became better again, I regained my confidence and my sessions became longer. You're lucky because the Strad is a very forgiving horn that will let you focus notes, or "slot" fairly easily with a decent embouchure.
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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    My answer to your question is to clean it and sell the instrument "as is". Let the new owner decide how they want it to look.
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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    Yes, I agree with Ivan. Unless it is in horrible shape, strads usually sell. Let the new owner make the decision.
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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    I agree with Steve and Ivan.

    Coincidentally, I had my 2 1970-era Bach Strad's refinished by Kanstul about 18 months ago. They did great work. But I doubt that I would have gotten my money out of the horns if I turned around and sold it.

    Sell it "as is" ... or hold on to it for 10 more years, and then start your comeback.

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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    Why not keep the horn for when you have more free time?
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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by -C- View Post
    Why not keep the horn for when you have more free time?
    I was thinking similar things. If you owned this horn since either of you were not yet fully grown, selling it will break your heart eventually (unless you hated it).

    Surely your family can find 30 minutes for you to practice?

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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    Thanks for all the input. My next "comeback" will be somewhere around comeback 7 or 8. Playing was always fun, but I live in a little splat of a town where the nearest community band would take about 45 minutes of driving. I may keep it yet...we've been together for 17 years. It just isn't any fun to play without performance/partners. My kids are too young to "get it" and the wife is not musical. Thanks again.

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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    I agree on keeping it. I had one which I sold due to medical family problems and sure wish I had it now
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    Re: Bach Strad...rebuild or not?

    Which group of trumpet players out there is larger: Group #1 - players who sold their older horns and are still, to this day, happy about that decision; Group #2 - players who sold their older horns and, to this day, regret doing so?

    Enough said?
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