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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bach trumpet case in the General forums; I have a Bach Strad here at home for eveluation. After playing it for several days, I do not expect ...
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    Bach trumpet case

    I have a Bach Strad here at home for eveluation. After playing it for several days, I do not expect to buy it (yet). However, I am really impressed by the case. Wooden frame covered in waterproof cloth of some sort and a velour blanket to cover the top of the horn. I would be interested in buying one of these cases (sans the Bach emblems) if such is available. I don't like soft sided "gig bags".
    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Bach trumpet case

    I know a fellow who made this nice aluminum case for himself . It only took him several days in his friends shop. My case is getting old and its made of wood covered with the leather stuff. I also don't like the soft cases. You could buy a case made of plastic. If you got the skill I could get you the measurements of making an aluminum case. Buying a case online is expensive.Most cases online are made of plastic and cloth.

    this one looks nice
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    Re: Bach trumpet case

    Horntrader has the old and new style Bach Stradivarius cases for sale for very reasonable prices: Cases: HornTrader
    Check (woodwind/brasswind) out as well, they may have some of the newer cases as well. Otherwise, ebay may have a few up for auction.

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    Re: Bach trumpet case

    It is a Gladstone Deluxe case.

    I suppose the company that manufactures them is ....Gladstone.

    They are plentiful, affordable, and easy to find.

    There are soft sided jobbers that are actually cases. Pro-tech cases look soft but are very protective.
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