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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Back on Earth after being on Cloud Nine in the General forums; Well here "burrow" is a word for digging a hole. Hmm!...
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    Well here "burrow" is a word for digging a hole. Hmm!

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    Yee HAW!
    (Donning flame suite)... maybe we should all switch to speaking French?

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    I didn't know you were Canadian.........

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    I often dig holes in my bureau and my boss sometimes qualifies as a burro. Edinburgh was very nice but I wanted to bury the Haggis after finding out what it was made from..........
    Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tootsall View Post
    But you do have to be careful about how you use "burra" in North America since there is a well-known animal that's called a "donkey" in most parts of the world but colloquially as a "burro" in areas of the American West and South-West. Often heard in the phrase "You don't know jack about a burro".
    Hold on a second, in Mexico (which is technically part of North America) it is not colloquial but proper, the animal is "un burro" or "una burra" if female. My mother in law has two, and when I was practicing there last week they began to "rebusinar" (now THERE'S a great word) until they got used to it.
    That was only one of the things that happened on a three week trip which I may relate in a new thread. Manny, great to hear your stories, keep them coming. The brass guys from the orchestra at the Concertbugouw came to town last year to do an all-brass concert with the brass section from the CSO, and they came by the school, a terrific and talented bunch who could down Heineckens afterwards like true pros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rowuk View Post
    I wanted to bury the Haggis after finding out what it was made from..........
    This is purely because you didn't have a fresh one - if you are able to catch your own haggis they are much nicer fresh

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