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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Back from Pacific Northwest in the General forums; .....
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    Welcome back Manny...

    Glad you had a good trip!
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    Yee HAW!
    Manny, I just came across this article thanks to the folk at TH.

    How are your members who normally carry-on getting set up to handle the situation? Or is it still "in discussion"?

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    glad to see you back!!!

    I love the northwest's utter beauty, and safeco is an amazing ballpark! I went there a few years ago to watch a redsox series (surprise!).



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    Welcome back! I gotta agree...the pacific northwest is beautiful. In fact, the entire American West is a wealth of unique and beautiful finds. I'm partial to Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, but I've been to Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia and I've no doubt some of the views took your breath away.

    Now back to business (oh yeah--and I agree we can't get that new stadium fast enough): Music making! I just got the flyer for this next MO season, and it looks GREAT!!! I've already started ordering tickets (can't afford them, but I don't care anymore).
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    Glad you made it back okay, and it sounds like you had a great time.

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    Looks like you passed my little town of Gig Harbor...but more likely you took the ferry. GADS! I HOPE SO!!!
    The traffic is so snarled up from folks...gawking at the new Narrows Bridge that spans the water between Gig Harbor, and Tacoma.

    So sad to hear that our friend Maynard is gone. Very nice tribute at
    Also I really was totally blown away when I heard those new clips of yours on Dave's web site.

    Sorry we missed you...during your whirl-wind tour and vacation, my dear pro-bro-in brass.

    Exiled...Don Shultz

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