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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bad Embouchure in the General forums; Originally Posted by gdong I fully agree with you rowuk. But, I'm willing to bet that Sergi has both lips ...
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    Re: Bad Embouchure

    Quote Originally Posted by gdong View Post
    I fully agree with you rowuk.
    But, I'm willing to bet that Sergi has both lips in the cup and, cosmetics aside, has an excellent fundamental embouchure style. Coming from experience with a disadvantaged setup, and now playing on a more balanced setup, I know how hard it is to strive for excellence when you are handicapped by physical limitations.

    I see his face working quite a bit more than other brilliant players so I am not so sure that he is doing everything "right" or "optimally". Who cares, what come out of the front is sure "right" and "optimal"!

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    Re: Bad Embouchure

    Quote Originally Posted by Graham View Post
    His horn is pointed down about 30Degrees, and the embouchure is off to the left, and it honestly looks like the man is IN PAIN while he plays. He has range problems, and his sound suffers IMO due to this embouchure.
    The look of his embouchure is much less important than the symptoms you describe in his playing.

    However, I would not recommend anything to him unless he was asking for recommendations. I've been involved in many different fields that involve change and a lesson that I've learned the hard way, is you never suggest change to someone unless they themselves are already looking for ways to do it.

    If he IS looking for recommendations, I've personally found the Balanced Embouchure system to be helpful but I've also heard a lot of people benefiting from Doc Reinhardt's system as well.

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    Re: Bad Embouchure

    You need to ask yourself: "Am I playing up to the standards that I want to". If the answer is no, and you are working diligently, then I think its time to examine your embouchure. Sergi is obviously FINE and so needs no examination in this regard. Based on his sound alone, i would say that he has plenty of aperture control and thus both lips inside the cup, but in any event it works for him.

    In the original post, it was said that a player was having noticeable difficulties in the upper register and playing for long periods of time. If said player feels that he should be playing fine up there, and is honestly putting in the time to practice, then it may be time for a consultation.

    I can tell you that I hated life for the 6 months it took me to switch my embouchure. But once situated in my new setup, I have ZERO regrets. It was so much of an improvement for me and was such a good learning experience. I would most certainly not have made it to where I am on my old setup, I was playing at the physical peak of that embouchures ability.

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    Re: Bad Embouchure

    Hi! My name is Micah and I am a junior in High school playing trumpet for 6 years now. Throughout most of my career, I have been noted about my embouchure several times by various trumpet teachers. Usually, the mouthpiece is always to the right and my lower lip is showing when I play and I usally have to tilt my trumpet up in order for the high notes to come out becuase if i play down, then I have to use more pressure and I'm looking at what I'm doing. However, people have said as a positive that they see nothing wrong with it and I sound fantastic when I play the trumpet. So, I was wondering if I could get some feedback? Currently, I'm in the process of changing my embouchure with my trumpet teacher and I'm progressing well, but the embouchure I have used I will probably end up using until high school is done. Please respond to this.

    Micah J. Hodges


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    Re: Bad Embouchure

    In both cases, if they have good teachers let the teacher deal with it. This is not the place to go for embouchure help. No one here can see you or your friend and therefore can not offer any kind of valid help or solution.

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    Re: Bad Embouchure

    Graham, the key here is he has a bad sound and range problems. He needs to see a good trumpet teacher who has experience in embochure problems. Not all teachers have this experience. Any advice given here could just lead to more problems. And you can't fix it by reading a book or method. There are too many details that have to be addressed in the moment that requires a lesson with a teacher.
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