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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bad Surprise... in the General forums; At my big band rehearsal tonight I fulled my Ferrari out of it's case (Torpedo) and was shocked to see ...
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    Bad Surprise...

    At my big band rehearsal tonight I fulled my Ferrari out of it's case (Torpedo) and was shocked to see this:
    It's a Kanstul 1601 with a copper bell. How big a deal do you guys think the fix will be? Will it need re-lacquering? Annealling after the repair?

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    Mezzo Forte User mickvanflugel's Avatar
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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    So that does not say much good for the Torpedo, does it?

    The hefty dents can be fixed, but they will leave marks on the bell.
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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    My goodness! What did happen exactly?
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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    Quote Originally Posted by mickvanflugel View Post
    So that does not say much good for the Torpedo, does it?

    The hefty dents can be fixed, but they will leave marks on the bell.
    I think it says more about how OP was handling it than with the case.

    No way that happened without a significant drop or by sitting something extremely heavy on it.

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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    The dent isn't that bad.
    I Highly doubt that the tech would anneal. Since the damage is near the bell wire, annealing will be difficult if the wire is soldered in. More trouble than its worth.
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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    I feel for you as I've had my share of bell crushes, mostly during the gigs though. I've never been a fan of these gig bags or soft cases for a variety of reasons and what happened to you just confirmed them.

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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    Ouch- sorry to see/hear the Ferrari was damaged in the Garage...

    Why do I like a bell that Points UP ?
    - because the spit does not run back into my mouth!

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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    Well, that will teach you NEVER to let a saxophone player handle your case... ham-fisted yokels to a man. Seriously, the techs at Kanstul should be able to fix it. Won't be a cheap thingie, though.
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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    As a teacher of grade 7 and 8 instrumental music I fix stuff like this on a regular basis. Bell damage like that looks much worse than it really is. A tiny mouthpiece ping on a casing looks like nothing, but is much more significant damage. Anyway, the wrinkles will rub out and will not be noticeable. The lacquer will go frosty where it's been stretched, though. Nothing you can do about that except strip, buff and relac. Sorry this happened to you. BTW, what piece is that on your stand?

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    Re: Bad Surprise...

    Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope it gets worked out without too much difficulty. If it's any consolation, the bell on my 17A looks worse than that one. Copper's nice, but the softness can be a drawback
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