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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Balancing practice on concert days in the General forums; Manny- I've read that you always do 2 hours of fundamentals each day, something I also do. What do you ...
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    Balancing practice on concert days


    I've read that you always do 2 hours of fundamentals each day, something I also do. What do you do on concert days? Does it vary depending on repertoire, say between a Mahler 2 week and an all Mozart week? What about double service days - rehersal and concert?

    Just curious.


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    Dear John,

    Let's take a typical week for me and assume I'm playing a standard overture like Brahm's Tragic and a Tchaikovsky symphony, say #6. Doug would play the concerto unless is was a typical trumpet feature like Shost. piano or Ravel G major.

    Monday would likely be off so I would launch into a typical session that left me taxed but refreshed after about half an hour. Teach one hour.

    Tuesday-get to the hall at 8:45 and blow for about 45 minutes, rest and blow on the rotary for the Brahms. I would expect Tchaikovsky to be on the second half.

    I might pull out some recreational solos for fun or the picc for light playing after I had lunch probbaly wouldn't play for more than an hour at most.

    Wednesday- get to the hall same time and expect to play Tchaikovsky all morning. Then lunch, more Brahms and then the concerto.

    Probably wouldn't play any more today.

    Thursday dress- Brahms, concerto, Tchaikovsky. More than likely wouln't play at home as the show is tonight. Teach one one hour.

    Friday- Practice a good hour and a half, teach one hour, and a show tonight.

    Saturday-Youth symphony in morning, drag my boy to his trombone lesson, nap, eat, go to hall early to practice, warm up for an hour, and play a show.

    Repeat 'til retired!

    There are, as you imagined, many variations but now you get the general idea.


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