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Trumpet Discussion Discuss The bar is raised once again in the General forums; waka waka. Try the veal!...
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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    waka waka.

    Try the veal!

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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Quote Originally Posted by gzent View Post
    Manny -

    Are you using the $57.95 Monette, gold plated, annealed and aligned plunger, or the True Value, $1.88 model?

    Manny could only go with this one for his Monette...

    The Cadillac of plungers

    Chuck Willard
    The Willard of Oz

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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Yes Chuck, I AM laughing.


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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    High F? Easy - just push your slide in.

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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Give the part to the kid're the kid
    I remember when I was the stunt man in the section and the principal guy was having coffee in the lounge.
    Channel Doc on that lick............. NAIL THAT SUCKER!
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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Quote Originally Posted by wiseone2 View Post
    Channel Doc on that lick............. NAIL THAT SUCKER!
    Like, uhh, Doc Cheetum? If so, that's what the pinky ring is for! Remember, anything above an Eb deserves a Chase style kiss-off. Have fun!
    "A tool good enough to be so used and not too good"
    C.S. Lewis That Hideous Strength

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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Quote Originally Posted by TrentAustin View Post
    waka waka.
    Trent and Vulgano, Oh, you Mighty Magicians give Manny of the magic portion! By the way, where are Asterix and Obelix? We need some gallic magic here

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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Yee-Haw, get 'em Manny. The highest concert rep note I've seen is the Eb... It's nice to see composers starting to use more. One needs to be an all around player now a days... A little lead, some solo, nice legit chops, etc. Try not to hurt the 90 year olds in the audience with their aids turned up.
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    Re: The bar is raised once again

    Buncha friggin' wise guys is what we got here, that's all...

    Chuck, where in the flamin' hootie hoo do you come up with these pictures you post?

    Nah, Glenn, no broadcast... it's not a subscription show, it's part of our casual classics concert.

    Here's the best part: when I got to that passage I noticed that next to the lick was the instruction was written that it should be played with harmon mute, stem out!

    After muttering various and sundry "Yo mama"s under my breath and one "Vaya te pa'el carajo", I held the mute up, looked at Miller and said "Sorry, no way, David". He was fine with it but the singer was the one who figured out that was used was the plunger, he just didn't know what the name of it was.

    I'm looking forward to it but today's practice is gonna on the light side. The Program?

    Coronation March by Tchaikovsky
    Music for a Great City by Copland
    A Woman is a Sometime thing by Gershwin
    Central Park in the dark by Ives
    Excerpt from "On The Waterfront" by Bernstein
    Three Spirituals by three different composers
    Blur by Todd Levin
    New Era Dance by Aaron Kernis

    Yeah, it's a busy show but I've got Doug to play the first two spirituals for me. If you live in town, it's tonight and tomorrow night.

    Hey, just thought of something for fun:

    The program is about New York City and the music inspired by that. The first person to write in and tell us correctly why the Tchaikovsky is on the program gets a free meal at ITG. Deal? Start digging!

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