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Trumpet Discussion Discuss From Baritone to Trumpet? in the General forums; Originally Posted by ButchA I have seen band kids (back when my daughters were in high school) that went from ...
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    Re: From Baritone to Trumpet?

    Quote Originally Posted by ButchA View Post
    I have seen band kids (back when my daughters were in high school) that went from baritone (marching band) to trumpet (jazz band) to - believe it or not - tuba in the concert band! It doesn't matter what brass instrument you play, just as long as you give yourself time to adjust to the bigger mouthpiece.
    During one concert in High School, I went from Trombone to Baritone to Trumpet to French Horn to Tuba.

    Somehow the chops just respond when they need to.
    "First Trumpets. Don't add notes above what's written!"
    --Former Cal Band Director Bob Briggs, rehearsing the final chord of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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    Re: From Baritone to Trumpet?

    I have been playing trumpet for over 50 years and about 15 years ago one of the bands I was playing in lost one of its euphonium players. Since I was the only one in the band with experience on that instsrument and had one, I took over that position.

    I found that switching back and forth actually helped me become a better trumper player as well as a better euphonium player. A baritone is "just a light weight euphonium". Baritone/Euphonium music often comes in treble cleff too, but learning bass cleff fingering will be useful.

    I hope you will find the same effect will happen to you. Switching back and forth should not hurt you in any way.

    My ability to play multi instrument helps me to play in more bands. You will find the same too.

    Learn the Trombone as well.

    Good luck and stay with it.
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