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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Basic Questions on Music Theory in the General forums; Am trying to get my head around those chord progressions you get in music notation you know where it doesnt ...
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    Question Basic Questions on Music Theory

    Am trying to get my head around those chord progressions you get in music notation you know where it doesnt show the actual notes just the chord progression such as :Cm7 Bb7 etc. . . Chord progression and what the hell does I II V mean anyway? I have recently checked out Band in Box software but like so many things it assumes prior knowledge of all that stuff. Recon I might need to brush up on some music theory. So my question is where is the best place to learn that stuff? Which book would you recommend?

    Im really getting allot of help from this forum so thanks for all your time.

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    Re: Basic Questions on Music Theory

    There is a "Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory" that I believe explains this. I bought it a few days ago to have as a reference on some of the more obscure stuff that comes up. It also has a CD in the package (although I'll admit that I've not listened to it so I have no idea what's on it).

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    Re: Basic Questions on Music Theory

    Theory I is usually the class first used to separate the wheat from the chaff amongst music students. In naming chords, things are stacked up in thirds, based on the scale of the home tone. If the music says "C" the chord is C major: "C E G." C minor uses the notes of a minor scale "C Eb G". The Roman numeral stuff makes everything transposable. "I" equals the (major) tonic, "ii" equals a chord built on the second degree of the scale, so if I = C, then ii = d minor, (II = D major).

    Got it? If so, you pass.

    Hope this helps!
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    Re: Basic Questions on Music Theory

    I suggest you also check out the website by our very own Trent Austin: Unlock Your Talent!

    As for the I, IV, V stuff, that's a reference to the position of the chord in relation to the key you are playing in. In other words, take the key of C. Looking at the C scale: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Now number the scale, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, I. If the chart says I, then you play the notes associated with the C chord. If it says IV, that would be the F chord, V would be the G chord.

    Staright ahead rock 'n roll is based on I, IV, V chord progressions, for example.

    There, Ive now totally exhausted my knowledge of music theory, I'm running out and getting that "Idiot's Guide" too.
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