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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bb to BB Picc Transitions in the General forums; How did you transit? Just Bb trumpet to Bb picc or Bb trumpet to d trumpet to eb trumpet to ...
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    Bb to BB Picc Transitions

    How did you transit?
    Just Bb trumpet to Bb picc or Bb trumpet to d trumpet to eb trumpet to c trumpet and to piccolo? ETC ETC
    I just want to know if you had any problems during the transitions as well!

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    Re: Bb to BB Picc Transitions

    No problems going from French horn in F to Bb trumpet to C to D and Eb as long as I hear the new pitch in my head, piccolo is a different beast, no problem hearing the pitch, getting a good sound requires a lot of dedicated work.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    Re: Bb to BB Picc Transitions

    The problem is the expectations in your head. If you switch to a smaller instrument and try to knock walls down, you will always fail. You need to get into the character of each instrument and cash in on the new possibilities. My students just pick the instruments up and play - after listening to me play. This way, the sound concept is clear from the beginning.
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