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NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!
not paying attention while playing is the most musically destructive thing that you can do to yourself. This concept is an absolute DISGRACE to playing trumpet. The difference between good and bad is the attention to detail. There is so much going on when playing that we often have to even concentrate on single aspects of playing. How can anyone be so bored with what is happening during playing that they need additional TRASH in the background. I don't think I have ever read ANYTHING at TM that got me this upset!

Please sell your instrument and take up couch potato for a living. That is perfect for TV in the background!
You didn't read the suggestion earlier. It wasn't to practice the horn in front of the TV per se. It was to keep the horn around and try to repeat material heard on the TV....an ear training exercise if you will. And I clearly said (I think) in the original article that this didn't replace the rest of a normal practice regimen.

And hey, loosen up....different methods work for different people....