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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Beginning private lessons soon in the General forums; What can I expect in these? I am lead trumpet in the jazz band, so it's not like I need ...
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    Beginning private lessons soon

    What can I expect in these?
    I am lead trumpet in the jazz band, so it's not like I need the lessons to get up to the same level as everyone else, just to get better than where I am at now.

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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    You can expect to get better. The teacher will evaluate what you are doing correctly and not so correctly, and go from there. You likely won't spend the lesson just playing jazz - though if that is a big issue, the teacher might work in a few charts.
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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    The better you get the more you realize how bad you are.

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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    Each teacher will be different, but you can expect to be asked to play something, and the teacher will assess where you are at.

    Then a talk about what you want, and where you are at, then a selection of exercises or charts to help work on the weaknesses. A good teacher will talk to you, so do not expect to be playing the full time, it is how you think as well. It should be a constructive session. And you're paying for the time, so be clear with your expectations, and where you feel you need to improve as well to save time.

    Good luck

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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    IMO playing jazz as the first music for the teacher to hear just "doesn't cut the mustard" as it tends to conceal too many factors in your abilitity. As others have said, and I concur, there just isn't that much work available in the jazz genre. If you've been playing beyond high school or college for ten years and cannot sight read music of any genre ... you face great obstacles in moving forward until you are able to do so. What I'm saying is, in hypothesis that If were to hire you, I don't expect to present your repertoire. I want assurance that you have the ability to play my repertoire. Too, I may not expect you to play lead even though it would be favorable to realize you have that ability.

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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    Quote Originally Posted by arsenal123gunners View Post it's not like I need the lessons to get up to the same level as everyone else...
    No, you need lessons to keep ahead of everyone else. Never settle to being content to were you are.
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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    Lessons are many things. They can be practice control, they can be discovering the new within us, they also can be open proof that we are not ashamed of the unkown. Unfortunately, they can be a waste of time for those who do not have a realistic view of their own talents.

    My advice:
    1) make the lesson fun for your teacher
    2) view yourself as the major competition
    3) cash in on the opportunity to study with someone doing what you would like to be doing
    4) accept the fact that there could be someone out there that currently has a different answer to playing than you do. Experience can dictate things that may not be obvious to someone without it.
    5) ALWAYS put making MUSIC at the top of your priorities. Lessons are much more than learning to squeal better.

    Good luck. You have a lead attitude. Make sure that your playing is so good that no one is offended by that.
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    Re: Beginning private lessons soon

    Congrats on your choice to start lessons! If you are prepared to be humble and work on your weaknesses as a player, you will be surprised at how far you can go. Like the others have said, your teacher will do an assessment of your playing, and will give you exersizes to improve your weak spots, both technically and musically. If you really want to get better, be prepared to spend some time on stuff you won't like, but will make you stronger. Most importantly, make sure you understand why your teacher has you working on specific things, and what they are for. Ask lots of questions, and take notes. Most of all, enjoy using everything you learn to make better music, because ultimately that's what it's all about! Being better than the other kids at school means nothing - being a better musician than you knew you could be means everything.
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