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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Being Ready in the General forums; Nice post. When I am called on to do something like that at the last moment, it's a good reminder ...
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    Re: Being Ready

    Nice post. When I am called on to do something like that at the last moment, it's a good reminder of the old Boy Scout motto to "be prepared". That's why it's good to keep practicing and expanding your horizons into different genres of music. You never know when you'll get the call, and like you (and others) experienced, it's very rewarding to do a good job when called on to save the day.
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    Re: Being Ready

    It is what it is - I've been in situations where I've seen that before, although I've never had to jump in on lead in a big band like you did - well, once, but it was due to other reasons, and I didn't feel like it was due to any kind of dereliction on the part of the guy who was originally playing lead.

    The note and the $50 token payment for bailing out the band shows me that you are a gigging with a group of classy players - that's a gig to keep!
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    Re: Being Ready

    Good job!I'd keep that gig if you can. Might lead to better things. The group I'm in, there's only two of us trumpets and I do cover the first when I have to. Director is enjoying my sound so far
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    Re: Being Ready

    A review from an audience member.

    "BTW what happened to ****? I saw him walk off the bandstand
    and figured he was going to the rest room, but he never came back. Did
    he get sick? In any event Jimmy Branham took up the slack beautifully
    and probably nobody but me noticed that there were only three trumpets
    for the last two thirds of the gig. As I mentioned, I crossed paths
    with **** at the Trumpetfest in 2007 but have never "heard" him play
    until last night, but I couldn't pick him out of the section ensemble.
    You can certainly hear Jimmy though, and I mean that as a sincere
    compliment. He's a very good trumpet player and a nice guy. I enjoy
    talking to him."
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    Re: Being Ready

    Quote Originally Posted by xjb0906 View Post
    The fact that I am no lead player is apparent today. The chops feel really bad. Still working on that high note technique.
    Which is one of the many reasons I had preferred playing the second trumpet part. Unfortunately, I had been thrust in to the lead part by our band director for the past 2 years. He did this for a reason, to increase my endurance to play four hour quintet gigs on back to back evenings. The move on his part worked for me, but the amount of playing I have to do every day to keep the stamina up demands a lot of devoted time in my day. Thank God I am only a physician on my day gig had have all this free time on my hand to cover the requisites of being a lead player.
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