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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Best Book for a beginner in the General forums; I am a college student on the way out(graduating not dropping out) and I am going to take on some ...
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    Best Book for a beginner

    I am a college student on the way out(graduating not dropping out) and I am going to take on some students. Im going to start with beginners, and Im wondering what the best book to start a new trumpet student on is. I think that clark and arbans would be over their heads at this point.

    Any Suggestions?
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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    I've had good results using" Breeze Easy" books with my beginning students.

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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    Easy Steps To the Band

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    Smile Re: Best Book for a beginner

    Hello 714TptPLyr. One of the best internet sites to order Music lesson books. Is . I like the Standard of Excellence books by Bruce Pearson. The Book One&Two can be bought with the Enhanced Comprehensive Band Method. Both of these books, have excellent play along lesson CD's,etc. There is also a Book three. The Best in Class,Book One and Two also by Bruce Pearson, are excellent lesson books. Some other good lesson books are the First Arban and First Arban book Two,by Carl Fisher, to help along your fast learning students. Lot of stuff on this site for any type playing. Prices are real reasonable, and may have school and Band rates for bulk buying. Check the site out. Good luck.

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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    I like the old Tune A Day book.

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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    Arban and Clarke, plus plenty of easy tunes. They are suitable for beginners and if the students REALLY practice 20 to 30 minutes per day, you will be amazed how quickly they learn.

    If some the lessons end up being baby sitting services, then it really doesn't matter........
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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    When I was a total beginner, my teacher started me with Clark's "Elementary Studies." I think it was a good idea.

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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    Standard of Excellence
    Foundations for Superior Performance
    Basis of Elemantary Band
    ALL Clarks
    Alot of church hymns and ballads

    The main thing is to stress the importance of practice to them but to also keep it fun.
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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    Rubanks or Arbans.

    When I started they suggested the Rubanks, and I played that untill it was obvious I was serious. Then my teacher insisted I pick up an Arbans.
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    Re: Best Book for a beginner

    All I can say is I wish I had Arbans when I started. Although the old tune a day book aint bad. It has plenty of easy tunes like rowuk suggests



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