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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Best tips for lip slurs in the General forums; Use a metronome and work up your speed slowly....
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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    Use a metronome and work up your speed slowly.

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    Hello, Go to Sheet Music Plus - World's Largest Selection of Sheet Music. In the Trumpet lesson/method book section. You can buy My First Clarke by Carl Fisher. Cost is $9.95 plus shipping. This Music Method Book site etc., also has the First Arban and Second Arban Music Tech. Books by Carl Fisher. Plus much more. Very good prices and all books well made. Good luck

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    Time again for one of the more esoteric Vulgano Brother observations. When we play a note, the air column inside the instrument has defined and mathematically predictable areas of high pressure and no pressure. In physics these are known as nodes and anti-nodes. The higher the tone, the more of these nodes instide the instrument. With a horn of sufficient light weight, we can play a long tone we can gently run a finger around the leadpipe and/or bell and feel some of the vibrations. Change to a different harmonic and that place will move.

    Now for the esoteric part. Playing a long tone, we can shift our awareness to inside the trumpet, and imagine/feel a point of resistance somewhere inside the horn. I call these "magic bubbles." To slur up, we can "blow" this magic bubble further away, backing off will allow the magic bubble to return to its place closer to the mouthpiece.

    Our body will memorize the feel of these notes and nodes much more quicky than the cognitive control of several variables can. Remember that the embouchure is (or should be, in the Zen Vulgano philosophy)formed in part by the note that it is playing.

    Experiment a bit, and have fun!

    Actually just tried it and it works! Not that I was having problems, but it is another way to do it. Thanks, VB!
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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    Michael Sachs has been advocating the Bai Lin Lip Flexibilities for his students at CIM.

    I like them, but I still focus on my Schlossberg.

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    Personally I think it is best to work on lip SLURS before lip TRILLS, so I would suggest Iron's book "Twenty Seven Groups of Exercises".

    Then, do the following:
    1)Make it part of your warm-up. Practice for a few minutes, at least. Do this BEFORE tonguing warmups, btw.
    2)Focus on making them as smooth and natural as possible. Like others have said, using a metronome and slowly build it up. For instance, you might progress 20 BPM in a week. so no need to rush. Just use common sense.
    3)Play them at a -comfortable- volume; you don't necessarily have to play them ppp like Clarke's studies. (Of course, learning to play them softly eventually is beneficial.) When you go higher in the partials it should get a bit louder naturally, which is ideal.
    4)REST after every time you play through an exercise! Even if you don't use much pressure, these can tire you out.
    5)Think BEAUTIFUL music as you practice them. No matter what exercise you do, you ought to treat them with your best sound and feeling. Seriously. It makes it so much more fun, and it greatly helps in the long run.

    Even if you don't get the Irons book, you ought to consider some of the tips I gave if you haven't already. Oh, yeah, and of course there's the advice of making sure you rely on tongue vowel movement and you air, not pressure.

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    You just have to check out this David Roberts video - awesome.

    Irons' 27 Groups of Exercises, Group 19 on Vimeo

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs


    breath, like rowuk said. Also, think about air speed... faster on the higher note...
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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    I like the Charles Colin "Advanced Lip Flexibilities" .

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    I usually work on lip slurs for about 10-15 minutes of my daily practice session...............and they are getting better!!

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    Re: Best tips for lip slurs

    Quote Originally Posted by 12erlgro View Post
    can you people recommend some exercise or book with good and efficient lip slur exercises?
    I looked for Vulgano Brother's esoteric Magic Bubble Book on lips slurs, but I couldn't find it ((FYI - that's a joke, NOT a slam)).

    Maybe I missed it in these posts -- but I recommend this.

    go through the valves -- open, then 1st valve, then 2nd valve, then 1 and 2 valve, then 1 and 3 valve, etc.

    start slurring in the staff (ie. C below staff, to G, to 3rd space C) then back down -- go through all the valve combinations.

    do long tones, use breath support, light lip pressure -- dont' force it.

    then repeat with the next harmonic higher (ie in example above 4th space E), then back down, then all valve combos.

    YOU don't need a book -- use what you have -- after awhile you can skip notes, and then do octave slurs (ie. C to C to C to C), go faster, then go slower, then go louder or softer -- and do crescendo and decrescendo in the slurs.

    take the time, practice, be patient with yourself -- I bet smooth lip slurs doesn't happen overnight -- but in time it will become easy.
    Last edited by kingtrumpet; 12-12-2010 at 11:39 AM. Reason: i forgot faster/slower/louder/softer

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