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Trumpet Discussion Discuss best way to protect your horn?????? in the General forums; Originally Posted by trumpetsplus Thanks for the question. All the research we have done on trumpets and mouthpieces has been ...
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    Re: best way to protect your horn??????

    Quote Originally Posted by trumpetsplus View Post
    Thanks for the question.

    All the research we have done on trumpets and mouthpieces has been empirical, not theoretical. Whatever question there has been on anything; we have physically created the situation on several instruments to discover the answer. As far as gloves are concerned, we checked those out with many players and instruments in 2001 and found that wearing gloves changed the sound in all cases.

    For what it is worth, we found the same type of difference in comparing instruments with pearl or plastic finger buttons to the same instruments with one-piece metal finger buttons. The holding position of your left hand and the amount you squeeze the trumpet also has an effect (I showed this one to a new customer just this past Saturday).

    I could continue with every design decision that was made in the development of our trumpets; however, suffice it to say that everything you do to the instrument or the player affects the way the instrument plays.

    So, to answer your question, the way for you to understand the difference is to carefully, in a controlled room, with very perceptive listeners, do the experiment yourself.
    Thanks for the info.

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    Re: best way to protect your horn??????

    I have a friend who scrimped and saved to buy his dream horn in the early 60s - a new Benge. He has always uses a white hankie in his left hand when he plays his horn and he always has his right hand arched like there is a tennis ball between his palm and the lead pipe.. He never ever lets anyone try his horn and guess what - today in 2010 his horn looks pretty much like new. He cleans it out with warm water about once a month and changes out his hankie about every week [ he always keeps a couple of clean ones in his case]. He uses the original horn case and except for a couple of minor mute dings there are no dents. For the first 3 years he had the horn he practiced at least 4 hrs every day and then for a year he practiced 8 hrs every day [he was going to go pro and the guys he was rooming with were practicing 10 hrs a day and couldn't get Symphony work so he decided to teach instead]. He uses his horn and no one ever makes any comments about his hankie. Just another thought on keeping a horn looking good.
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    Re: best way to protect your horn??????

    I also have performed tests like trumpetsplus and have found similar results. The grip/gloves/caps/buttons changes the sound that the player hears quite clearly. Listeners at 30 feet could not hear any reliable difference however. Recording the trumpet sound with the mikes at the ears/listener positions confirmed the listening tests when comparing the spectral analysis.

    I did not check the sound in front of the bell as the sound there is not really significant unless you are in a studio where the audio engineer will bend sound and dynamics as they see fit anyway.
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    Re: best way to protect your horn??????

    Very interesting research.
    For what its worth I just was never comfortable using gloves or pads.
    The cloth affected me the least.
    When it came down to it i just went screw it!

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