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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Beware of Zachary music in the General forums; I havent been to his site in quite some time now, i think last time I went the ZeuS G ...
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    Re: Beware of Zachary music

    I havent been to his site in quite some time now, i think last time I went the ZeuS G was $1800, is this still the case? I also thought it was a clone of a 50's Mt. Vernon, not the modern Strad. And yes it was a good deal back then, a pro level trumpet for the cost (or less) of the intermediates that my classmates were getting. And it was unique, I still haven't met another trumpet player who has a copper belled horn, unless you count the one I met this Monday, but his Kanstul was silver plated over the copper.

    @kehaulani, unless he has gotten his own equipment, the ZeuS line is made at Kanstul. I know that it was up until at least 2 years ago when I quit playing (came back last week, can't believe how much fun i was missing).
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    Re: Beware of Zachary music

    Not to prolong this discussion, but, I once told Alex, after purchasing a horn from him, became much more friendly, that if his horns were not that good, you would see the market flooded with them. I believe that most of the people who do sell them, do so because of discussions like this, where people knock the designer/ vendor, rather than the horns themselves. Or, they sell them because, like all the other horns in the "marketplace", the owner wants to change and get a different horn. I think that Alex's negative attitude affects the objective evaluation of his horns.

    That said, professional and expert players can differentiate the subtleties between horns, I could not.

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    Re: Beware of Zachary music

    I had a Zeus G and have a couple friends with Mt. Vernon vintage Bach Strads.

    The Zeus G is not at all a clone of any vintage Bach Strad. It is near copy of the modern Strad using typical
    Kanstul stock leadpipe, bell and leadpipe. It plays like a good modern Strad, not like a Mt. V Strad.
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    Re: Beware of Zachary music

    I would not deal with ZacharyMusic, but a friend of mine has a ZueS G. It is a fantastic horn. Think I'm gonna check 'em out on the Bay.
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    Re: Beware of Zachary music

    Mongo have deep feelings for him trumpet.
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