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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Big Phat Band -- Spring, Texas (March 7, 2008) in the General forums; Last evening we went to see Gordon Goodwin and the Big Phat Band. I bought the tickets for this concert ...
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    Big Phat Band -- Spring, Texas (March 7, 2008)

    Last evening we went to see Gordon Goodwin and the Big Phat Band. I bought the tickets for this concert on November 27th of last year, and there was not a day that went by that I was not looking forward to this concert. Pretty much every day was spent listening to CD’s by either the Phat Band or by Wayne Bergeron. It was a little more than 5-hours for us to drive from Lafayette, Louisiana to Spring, Texas for the program. The tickets, hotel, gas, and other related expenses, made this a pretty pricy evening. I was totally set for one amazing program – well the concert was not at the level I expected – it was wayyyyy better!

    There is no way I can describe just how tight the Phat Band is, even live. I say that because we have all heard groups that are amazing in the recording studio, but really are not that fine live. One of the things that I loved about them the most was that it was obvious that the players on stage enjoyed being with each other, and that they play because they love to play, not because it is a job!

    When Gordon announced the last song I though “why so short?” Then I looked at my watch and realized that they had been on stage non-stop for about 90-100 minutes. They were so fantastic that it felt like the program had just started. They did play an encore tune, but I could have listened to them play for another 4-5 hours!

    When the program was over the guys in the band were kind enough to stay around and visit with people from the audience. I was honored to have a couple minutes to talk to both Wayne Bergeron and Gordon Goodwin. They were so cordial in the way that they spent time with each of us, and it was obvious that they were not just being nice, but actually wanted to meet everyone who was waiting for them after the program.

    I want to sincerely thank the Phat Band for coming to Texas, and I’ll be the first to invite them to come to Louisiana next year! F.A.C.E. in Spring, Texas has a beautiful concert hall at the Centrum. How great was the concert? I spent $300 on tickets, $80 on gas, $210 on the hotel, lunch and dinner yesterday, and breakfast and lunch today totaling a couple hundred dollars, and I did buy a Phat Band T-shirt! I guess that makes at least close to $800 for one concert. If I could do it again next weekend I’d do it in a heartbeat and it would be well worth the price!
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    Re: Big Phat Band -- Spring, Texas (March 7, 2008)

    I was there!! By far the best concert I've ever been to! I was wondering if this was going to be as good as watching the Airmen of Note with Bobby Shew at NTC, and although it was close, I really think this was even better, a tryly unforgettable experience!
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