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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Bill Chase in the General forums; October 20, 1934 - August 9, 1974...
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    Unhappy Bill Chase

    October 20, 1934 - August 9, 1974

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    Parts Unknown
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    Re: Bill Chase

    Great article on BC!
    Stop acting like someone shot your dog.

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    Re: Bill Chase

    A Tribute To Scream Trumpet Player Bill Chase of CHASE! ... another recent article on the great Bill Chase. Awesome player and group! Hasn't been that kind of intensity sense in my opinion !

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    Re: Bill Chase

    I still have two albums Pure Music and Ennea that I brought way back in the late seventies when I was just stating out. (This showing my age)
    They were truly inspirational back then .
    Why is it all great artists that seem to be ahead of there time die in plane crashes at an early age.
    I think I will have to get them out of the back cupboard and play them again in respect for the Master

    And yes Rustoleus the records are certainly intense , 4 trumpets playing with 1970's electronic accompanied was very different to any thing that was and is now around
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    Re: Bill Chase

    At the time most of us didn't hear the news of Bill's passing. The plane went down the same day as President Nixon resigned from office. It being pre-internet days? Didn't get the bad news until i went away to college the following September.

    I met Bill briefly in 1972. He helped guide me away from a life of too large of a mouthpiece for the conditions. In those days I was obstinate and refused to blow anything shallower than a Bach 1 Really!

    "Know which direction you are going in" were his words regarding mouthpiece choice.

    There are rumors too about Bill's early days when allegedly he was almost fired from the Ferguson band because he was using too deep of a mouthpiece. But the time he was with the "Thundering herd" (Woody Herman's band) he was using his Jet Tone screamer which is approximately the same as the current Schilke 6a4a named for Bill.

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    Re: Bill Chase

    Quote Originally Posted by Vulgano Brother View Post
    also and link broke! Never mind, fixed it!
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    Re: Bill Chase

    Tragic story that..........

    Sad to think of what might have been and great work yet to come

    Horn riffs in "Get it on" are a thrill; tight and powerful.

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