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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Blast!!!! in the General forums; I went to see Blast last night in Orange, TX after waiting four years and IMHO it was well worth ...
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    I went to see Blast last night in Orange, TX after waiting four years and IMHO
    it was well worth the wait. The whole group was phenomenal, but the lead trumpet soloist was unreal. His playing was super clean and great range too. I realize that some people don't think very much about drum corps ( I happen to love drum corps or any type of music program that teaches responsibilty and team work) but considering that 2/3's of the production have drum corps backgrounds, as does the production itself and are exposing the masses to some very beautiful, well played, and varied types of music can only help to raise awareness of the need for continued and increasing levels of organized music in our schools. I'll step off my soapbox now.

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    Re: Blast!!!!

    Saw Blast a few weeks ago... I had no idea they would only have 16 in the brass section... The DVD has at least double(32)if not more...

    Sort of a let down for me personally but it still sounded good!


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    Re: Blast!!!!

    Yea, i just saw it tonight in college station and that lead trumpet was insane. I was just stupid loud, insane. But yea, I thought there were going to be more people. It was still a really good show.

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    Re: Blast!!!!

    The cast is smaller now probably because it is a touring the smaller numbers probably saves money. The DVD shows more case members because it was of the original cast based in London. I wish I got to see the touring group when they were around in New Jersey a few weeks ago as I marched with a few of the people in the cast, but I got called to a gig at the last minute. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the show.
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    Re: Blast!!!!

    It was sold out in Orange.

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    Re: Blast!!!!

    my nephew marched with the Star of Indiana during the change when they stopped competing and toured with the Canadian Brass. He and his parents will have memories to last a life time. Dave
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