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Trumpet Discussion Discuss Blast! in the General forums; One of the highligh ts of 2012 for me was when a friend of mine thought I might like Blast! ...
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    One of the highlights of 2012 for me was when a friend of mine thought I might like Blast! I told her I had not heard of the show, but I checked it out on YouTube, which convinced me to see them perform. Here are a couple of examples:

    Blast! - Malaguena - YouTube
    Blast - Loss - YouTube

    All those Yamahas sound good to me, and the choreography does have its "WOW!" moments.
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    Re: Blast!

    I wish they'd go back to DCI though, Star of Indiana had some of the best show in Drum Corps history.
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    Re: Blast!

    i have had the privilege of seeing them twice (so far!) My impression was how well they play in tune and execute every note perfectly throughout!
    They are definitely very fine players, and it is not for a non physical person, shall I say? A wonderful experience it was.
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